are apple's ads getting boring

Ken Segall, the creative director who ran apple's AD campaigns during the jobs era, once again lamented that apple is "not what it used to be."
In a recent public opinion, he said that apple's ideas, led by the risk-averse Tim Cook, were becoming commonplace. "Again" because the former close collaborator has repeatedly said publicly that apple has lost one of the key features that jobs prided on in his time: simplicity.
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Ken Segall worked with jobs for 12 years, and two of his works are typical. One proposed to name apple's desktop computer as iMac, and apple's product naming logic began with "I".
Another is the famous "Think Different" AD. Ken Segall and his team set out their "Think Different" branding at a time when jobs, who was briefly ousted from apple in 1997, returned to the helm.
In the AD, Mr. Jobs read the voice-over and paid tribute to famous historical figures from different eras. The AD attracted great attention at that time and gradually established the image of apple's early innovation, rebellion and market pioneer. Think Different was also used as apple's slogan until 2002. These two classic ideas gradually helped apple establish its later market position from the perspective of product and brand.
Ken Segall has repeatedly said he is unhappy with apple's current market strategy. "" we can clearly see that the Steve jobs era created a completely different way of marketing. Now, I can clearly see the difference between jobs being around."
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Ken Segall has previously criticized apple's naming practices in the British guardian. In 2013, he said that apple's new product name was "not strong enough and embarrassing", especially when it came to product upgrades, such as the iphone 6 upgrade to the iphone 6s. "The decision is ridiculous, misleading, and difficult for marketers to promote," said Ken Segall.
The difference, in Ken Segall's view, is that people should buy the iphone for its brand personality (as apple has done in the past), not for performance, processors, screen sizes and other external features.